Don’t Throw It Away. Here Are 12 Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

closeup detail of coffee ground in wooden bowl

When you have finished brewing your pot of coffer don’t just throw your used coffee grounds in the garbage. You can recycle these used coffee grounds in any number of ways.

  1. The rough texture of the coffee grounds make a good abrasive for scrubbing grease and grime from dishes and cookware. Place the coffee grounds in a rag and secure with a rubber band and use this to scrub the dishes and pots and pans.
  2. For the same reason the coffee grounds act as an abrasive when washing dishes it can act as an exfoliate for your skin. Mix the coffee grounds with equal parts of olive oil and massage it into your skin. The olive oil will act as a moisturizer while the coffee grounds act as an exfoliate.
  3. You can use coffee grounds mixed with some warm water and vinegar to get rid of furniture scratches.
  4. If the cats think your flower bed is a bathroom spread a mixture of coffee grounds and orange peels around your plants. The smell will keep the cats away and the orange peel and coffee grounds mix will be a good fertilizer too.
  5. You can use coffee grounds in the garden to keep snails and slugs away from plants.
  6. Add coffee grounds to the compost pile to benefit from the rich nitrogen in the used coffee grounds.

sack-coffee-grounds7. You can use coffee grounds in your refrigerator or freezer to absorb all the bad odors.

8. Avoid the dust when cleaning the ashes from your fireplace by sprinkling the ashes with wet coffee grounds. The ashes will be easier to remove and you won’t have all the dust in the air.

9. Use coffee grounds in the garbage disposal to deodorize it. Put a tablespoon into the sink and run the disposal. Do not do this if you are on a septic system as it may cause problems.

10. Keep unwanted pests away from your home by sprinkling coffee grounds around the house.

11. Add coffee grounds to your soap when washing your hands to get rid of the smell of onions or garlic.

12. Make paper look antique. Dip paper into a watery mix of coffee and water. Allow the paper to stay in the water mix for a minute or two. Then let the paper dry and brush off the grounds.