Frankfurt Book Fair 2011 - e-book reader

Reading is one of the pleasures of life.  Having an e-reader will allow you to have 1,500 or more books at your fingertips.

With an e-reader you can download a book from just about anywhere in a few seconds.  This can be done anytime of the day or night making access to reading material very convenient.  You do not need to wait to visit the library or bookstore to download a book.

The initial cost for purchasing an e-book may cause someone to hesitate.  They usually run $150 and up.  However, after the purchase of the e-reader the cost to download books is usually cheaper than purchasing physical books  In fact, there are often specials which allow you to download books for around $l.00.  There are also some books which can be downloaded for free to read for a certain time period.


There are a few downsides to an e-reader.  If you forget to keep it charged  the battery will die and it won’t be ready for reading.  There may be a glare if you plan to read in the sunlight.  You probably will not be able to share your books with a friend.  You do not have the feel of a physical book  You cannot highlight text for study.

Many people enjoy the look, feel and scent of physical books.  Physical books have a downside too.  They are heavy to carry.  You need to visit a library or store to purchase them or you need to order them online and wait for delivery.  You need to provide space for storing the books and they usually are more expensive to buy than e-books.

A good solution to merging the use of physical books and e-readers is to have physical books for those you want to keep or research type books or old books and e-books for recreational reading.

It’s easy to tuck an e-reader into a purse or briefcase so it is available whenever you have time to read.  E-readers are nice and lightweight so they are great for reading in bed.

E-readers are so convenient to use that those who own them say they are reading more often and enjoying it.