Easy Healthy Snacks For Your Toddler

Toddlers need to eat small meals and snacks often during the day.  Your toddler should probably be eating either a small meal or a filling snack every two or three hours.

Toddlers are not interested in sitting at the table for a long time to eat a large meal.  They prefer to eat small amounts and then get on with their active life.

You don’t want your toddler to get in the habit of munching constantly throughout the day.  Instead set up a schedule that is something like this.  Breakfast and then a couple hours later a healthy snack.  Then lunch and again in a few more hours another healthy snack.  Finally, dinner and a few hours later a final snack in the evening before bed.

Serve your snacks to your toddler the same way you serve your meals.  You don’t want to give your toddler snacks when he is crawling or walking around or when he is lying down.  Serve your toddler when he is sitting either in his high chair or booster seat.  If you are out at snack time give your toddler his snack in the stroller or car seat.

Here are a few suggestions for snacks your toddler may enjoy.

  1. It can get messy, but your toddler may enjoy a fruit dip. Cut some fresh fruit into bite size pieces and serve with a small bowl of yogurt.   The toddler can dip the fruit into the yogurt.  This way he not only is eating a serving of fruit he is also getting some protein and calcium from the yogurt.
  2. Ham and cheese crackers or turkey and cheese crackers are easy to fix. Cut up some ham or turkey and cheese and serve with some crackers.  You can use a cookie cutter to make some fun shapes from the cheese.  If you prefer to use bread instead of crackers then make a quarter of a sandwich for the toddler from the ham or turkey and cheese.
  3. Whole grain, low sugar, fiber rich cereal makes a good snack. The dry cereal works well for a take along snack.  At home you can serve it either dry as finger food or add some milk.
  4. Graham crackers make a good snack for a toddler. You might want to serve it as a bedtime snack with a glass of milk.  You might want to serve it with some applesauce the toddler can dip the graham cracker into.  You might like to serve it with some low-fat cream cheese or you might want to add a little peanut butter to the graham cracker.
  5. Slices of apples or banana topped with some peanut butter make a good snack.
  6. Cut up small pieces of vegetables such as carrots, peeled and seeded cucumber, celery, etc. and serve with some ranch dressing or some hummus for dipping.
  7. Fix a quick smoothie by blending a half a banana or some berries with vanilla yogurt and milk. Add some ice and blend until smooth.  Your toddler with think he is drinking a milkshake and will love it.

These are just a few snack suggestions for your toddler.  When fixing snacks you want to keep away from too much sugar or salt and you want to keep the food colorful.  A wide variety of colorful foods will provide more of the nutrients your toddler needs.