Emotions and Health

emoEmotional well being can play a tremendous role in our ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In this day and age of uncertainty, stress, anxiety and fears it is even more important to strive to obtain balance in our lives.  Negative emotions can have profound damaging effects on our health while positive emotions will aid in our bodies healing and in maintaining good health.

When held in the body negative emotions such as shame, guilt, anxiety, anger, etc. will affect various organs and cause physical problems and deterioration of these organ.

We have no control over the emotions we encounter, but we do have control over how we handle these emotions.

When you repress or deny negative emotions  you run the risk of becoming physically ill.  Many people have been taught to hold in their emotions and this can be dangerous.  Think about boys who have been taught they cannot cry because only babies cry and men do not.  This in an unhealthy notion and the denial of these emotions can be detrimental to their physical well being.

The only way to rid yourself of  negative emotions is to confront them and get rid of the stress they are causing by being repressed or denied.  This is even more important if you already are battling a serious health condition such as cancer.

It takes all the resources your body possesses to fight your physical problem and you cannot afford the energy it takes to put up with the negative emotions too.

One way to handle the negative emotion is to bring it to the forefront, acknowledge it and then play with it.  Give it a silly name, exaggerate the problem in your mind until it reaches the point of bbeing ridiculous and finally let the negative emotion go.

Sometimes if you have a trusted confidant you can discuss the problem with them.  You can also discuss what the positive aspects of your life are and how blessed you are in some areas of  your life.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that letting go of the negative emotions will be replaced by a much more pleasant sense of calm and well being.