Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening


A dazzling white smile is very attractive.  You usually cannot achieve these bright pearly white teeth simply by brushing.  To have a beautiful bright white smile you will likely need to use some form of teeth whitening.

There are different ways you can whiten your teeth.  It can be done professionally by someone in a dentist office or you can use an over the counter product.

The over the counter teeth whitening products are not as strong as those used professionally.  They are usually a compound using hydrogen peroxide.  The professional whitening products may be a compound of both hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

There are various methods used for teeth whitening.  A professional whitening process may be the power whitening.  This process will take approximately one hour and consists of a high concentration of peroxide compound being applied to the teeth at 15 minutes intervals.  A light technique may be used to accelerate the chemical process.  Power whitening is also done without the use of the light.  Power whitening can achieve almost immediate noticeable results.

After the initial whitening treatment you will continue the whitening process at home for a period of time using custom trays provided by the dental professional.

Instead of the power whitening you can use custom fitted trays containing the whitening agent which will be in direct contact with your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth the custom tray may be less irritating than the power whitening.

If you choose over the counter products for teeth whitening you have a choice between a couple different systems.


The brush on system  uses a brush to apply the whitening product directly to the tooth.  There are over the counter tray systems where the plastic trays can be subjected to hot water and then placed over the teeth to mold the tray around the teeth.  These trays may not mold perfectly around the teeth and the whitening product may seep out.

If you are planning to use an over the counter teeth whitening product the strips may be your easier choice.  However, they can sometimes slide and cause uneven results.

Teeth whitening whether done professionally or at home, is not  permanent and the results may last anywhere from one to three years.  You will need to continue follow up procedures to keep your pearly white smile.

Teeth whitening may promote gum deterioration.  Teeth whitening is not for everyone.  People with gum disease, exposed roots or damaged teeth should not use whitening products.  Whitening teeth it not advisable for pregnant women.  Teeth whitening products will only work on natural teeth.

It is possible to have some mild side effects for a period of time from teeth whitening such as gum sensitivity.  The stronger the solution you use the greater the greater the risk for side effects.