Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin B12

b12Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin needed by the body for many reasons.  It is necessary for healthy hair, skin and nails.  It helps our digestive system to remain healthy.   It is also helpful in improving cholesterol levels and may protect against high blood pressure and strokes.  Another benefit of vitamin B12 is a reduction in depression and stress.  It is believed to help protect against several types of cancer.

Deficiency in vitamin B12 can lead to a very serious condition know as pernicious anemia which prevents the body for making needed new healthy red blood cells.  Deficiency can lead to other problems such as depression, weight loss, failing memory, problems with vision, constipation, fatigue and low sperm count.

Vitamin B12 is found in foods such as milk, eggs, liver, meat some kinds of fish and cheese.  It is also available in supplement form over the counter or by injection.

Fatigue is usually one of the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.  Although most people have sufficient levels of vitamin B12 some are at risk for not having a sufficient amount of this vitamin.  Included in this group who may benefit from supplements are the elderly, strict vegetarians, smokers, heavy drinkers and women who are breast feeding or pregnant.  In addition, people with Crohn’s disease or Celiac disease may require supplements of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is absorbed better by the body when it is put directly under the tongue and permitted to dissolve rather than just taking the pill form.

For most people vitamin B12 is safe to use.  For some people it may cause an allergic reaction, itching, diarrhea or blood clots,  It also may not work well for those with thyroid problems, elevated blood pressure, coronary disease or gastrointestinal problems.

As with any supplement be sure to get the advice of your health care professional before beginning to us vitamin B12.