Fashion Tips For Obese Women

There are many people world-wide living with a weight problem.  Just because you are a larger woman does not mean you need to wear shapeless dresses or stretch pants.  You do not need to give up style simply because you are a plus size person.

Full figured women can be very attractive. Your appearance is much more than just size.  Take care in your appearance and make sure you look well groomed.  Pay attention to your makeup, your nails, your hair and the clothing you wear.


Here are a few tips on clothing for the full-figured woman:

  1. Do not wear clothing that is skin tight. It is only going to cling to your body and show every lump and bulge.  It is not going to make you look thinner, Just the opposite.  By the same token, do not wear clothing that is too baggy.  It will only make you look bigger.  Buy clothing that fits just right – not too tight and not to loose.
  2. There has been the notion for many years that heavy women should wear black. Black may make you look slimmer, but so will many other monochromatic outfits.  It will bring attention toward your face if you brighten a dark outfit with a bright scarf near the neckline.  Or, if wearing a black jacket and shirt or pants add a bright camisole under the jacket.
  3. A petite label on clothing does not mean the clothing is for small people. It means the clothing is for shorter people under 5’4”.  Plus size petite clothing is available,
  4. Make sure you have a properly fitting bra. Some bra shops will measure you for free.  You will be surprised how many women are wearing the wrong bra size.   If you are wearing a bra that is too tight your fat will bulge out.  No one wants this look.
  5. Some larger women stuff themselves into tight support garments in an effort to look thinner. These can be hot, miserable and can cause problems like yeast infections or even blood clots.  It’s okay to wear something like this when you want to look smoother when wearing a form fitting dress.  You probably should not wear a tight-fitting control garment every day.  There are lighter control items available that are not uncomfortable.
  6. You want to wear clothing that is age appropriate. If you are shopping in a department and the other shoppers are either years younger or years older, then you are probably in the wrong department.
  7. Unless it is an item you would purchase at full price, do not buy something from the clearance rack. It is much better to have a few good quality, well-fitting garments that will last several years than a stack of clearance rack items you don’t like to wear.

Keep in mind that it is what’s inside that counts.  Learn to love yourself.  Be comfortable in your own skin.  Many men have said confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a woman.

If you are unhappy with your body size that take steps to improve it.  In the meantime, look for flattering styles for your current size, be well groomed and project an air of confidence.