Feline Diarrhea Overview



If your cat is having frequent bowel movements or he is producing more stool or the bowel movement is loose the chances are good the cat has a case of diarrhea.

If you suspect your cat has diarrhea and the problem has continued for more than a day or two give your vet a call. He will ask questions about how long the cat has been suffering with the problem, what type bowel movement he is passing and how often.

It may or may not be necessary to take your cat to the vet depending on the severity of the diarrhea. Do not give your cat any medication till you talk with the vet.

There can be many causes of diarrhea in your cat. Sometimes it is as simple as a change in diet. Perhaps the cat has eaten some food that was not fresh. Perhaps he has eaten something his system will not tolerate or something to which he is allergic.

You may want to avoid giving your cat food for about a day when he has diarrhea. Be sure the cat has plenty of water so he does not become dehydrated.

Treat Diarrhea and Constipation in Dogs and Cats Step 1

After 12-24 hours begin feeding your cat a bland diet. Try a little boiled chicken and rice. If this is tolerated you then may begin slowly reintroducing the cat’s regular food. Sometimes it will be necessary to change the foods your cat has been eating in order to solve the diarrhea problem.

Of course, there may be more serious causes of the diarrhea such as parasites, some type infection, colitis, irritable bowel, an infection or inflammation of the digestive tract, or even cancer.

If the diarrhea is caused by parasites your vet may recommend a wormer or some other medication.

If the diarrhea is caused by a bacteria infection the vet may prescribe antibiotics.

If the cat has become dehydrated the vet may need to administer fluids intravenously.

If the cat is having bloody stools or is vomiting, running a fever or rapidly losing weight be sure to consult your vet right away. He may need to do some diagnostic tests including checking a stool sample in order to ascertain the cause of the cat’s diarrhea. These tests will allow the vet to determine the proper treatment necessary to correct the your cat’s problem and restore the cat back to health.