Fertility Test 

Infertility is a problem that affects many couples.  If a couple wants a child and have not been able to conceive because of infertility the problem often weighs continuously on the individuals.   Infertility is a problem that can affect anyone regardless of their economic or social status, their age, religion, or their ethnic background.  Medical science looks at infertility as a disease that affects the reproductive system.  When either partner suffers from infertility it can cause severe trauma to the emotional; and psychological well-being of both partners.  

Whether a couple will be able to experience the joy of being pregnant and expecting a child lies in the couple’s capacity to conceive.  Both partners may appear normal and healthy, but there are still many cases when fertility seems to be out of reach for the couple. 

When the news of their pregnancy occurs, couples are happy.  The mere thought that their beloved long-awaited child is on the way makes them feel almost complete.  The husband often becomes more careful and more loving to his wife.  The expectant mother is more health-conscious since she wants to be sure the baby is healthy. 

Some women are able to conceive hassle-free while other face difficulties and trauma just trying to get pregnant.  Women who have trouble getting pregnant need to understand that there are many factors which may make it difficult for her to conceive.  Some of these reasons could be one’s age, physical condition and/or stress. 

If you are experiencing various difficulties getting pregnant have you tried all the methods without success?  You may have been trying for several years to conceive without success.  The truth is that all women are different.  However, to make things easy for you, the medical community has the necessary tools for you to take the fertility test. 

If you decide on the fertility test you want to consult a trusted fertility specialist for assistance and guidance in this matter.  There are several tests that may be needed. 

For hormone testing various blood tests are taken at diverse times.  This test is mainly for the detection of normal production of hormone.  The test evaluates the quantity of progesterone you possess and if you will be able to sustain a pregnancy.  Another blood test verifies your prolactin level which is the hormone that produces the breast milk.  Still another test is to examine your thyroid functions. 

The chlamydia and gonorrhea cultures are done in order to detect the presence of these viruses which are possible causes of infertility. 

Your gynecologist will look in to the regularity of your menstrual cycle for the ovulation test.  The tool to be used is called the ovulation prediction kit. 

A sperm analysis will be done for the male partner to determine the quality and the count of the sperm.  

If you have been trying to conceive and have not been successful after a period of time, then it is time to consult with your medical professional for assistance.  The fertility test is one way that helps your medical professional determine where the problem lies.  When the problem with your body’s system is corrected it may be possible to get pregnant.