Finding the Best Fire Pit

la-fluerWhen you are thinking of providing a fire pit for your outdoor space you need to first decide if you want to buy one or if you want to build your own.  You can make your own wood fire pit by just digging a hole in the ground or using a fireproof bowl to burn logs.

If purchasing a pre made fire pit you need to decide if you want a gas fire pit or one that is wood burning.  Both will provide heat and flames and will add to the ambiance of your area.

The gas fire pit is cleaner and will startup immediately since it is powered by either propane or natural gas and you won’t have any ashes to clean up, but the gas fire pit  has no scent.  The wood fire pit takes longer to start and you need to keep feeding the fire and clean out the ashes, but you get that natural wood smell and the flames of a campfire.

The most poplar material for the wood fire pit today is stainless steel which is rust resistant.  Copper is also a poplar material or a combination of the two is available.  For a longer lasting fire pit consider cast aluminum or cast iron.

More decorative options such as glass are available in the gas fire pits but are not available with wood.  With the gas fire pit the decorative options you can choose are almost unlimited.

square-gas-fire-pit-with-glass-mediaYou need to decide if you want a portable fire pit or a permanent one.  The portable ones can be moved wherever you want to use them.  They come in many sizes and are fully functional.  They often have a base which can be designed with tile, metal or stone finishes. The permanent fire pits can be designed to meet your needs for size and style.  They may be finished with rock or stone for a more attractive appearance or they may stay as the traditional rustic type fire pit.

Fire pits are available in a wide range of styles and a wide range of prices.  Check out the fire pits available at your local store and on line.  Whatever you choose, the fire pit will provide many hours or pleasure for you, your family and friends.