Five Things You Can Do To Make Sure Your Dog Isn’t A Nuisance To Others

11Dogs are wonderful pets and can be a pleasure. Usually the only reason for a dog becoming a nuisance to others rests with the dog’s owner. He or she has not invested the time and effort needed to properly train and socialize their dog and/or the owner is not diligent in his responsibility for toilet patrol. Until he is taught a dog cannot be expected to display proper behavior and since he does not know any better he can be a nuisance.

One of the worst problems from a dog is the dog poop left on a neighbor’s lawn or in a public place. The dog owner needs to carry a plastic bag when they have their dog on property that isn’t their own residence and clean up the mess immediately. Don’t leave the mess for someone else to clean up.   Dogs should not be allowed to roam free in the neighborhood. Keep the waste in your own yard picked up within a reasonable period of time. Dog waste can be pretty smelly especially in warm weather.

Dogs that run and jump on people are a nuisance and may be dangerous. This is a particularly dangerous activity with larger dogs. Small dogs are apt to run and then nip at the ankles of a visitor. The dog owner need to train the dog to obey the commands of sit and stay. The dog owner needs to be able to control the dog’s behavior when he comes into contact with others.

A dog barking constantly can drive others crazy. This is noise pollution. It is very inconsiderate and unfair of the dog owner to leave a dog outdoors and allow it to bark excessively. Bring the dog indoors. A dog who barks to alert you to danger or to frighten off a stranger is doing something which is acceptable. What is not acceptable is the constant barking and this needs to be curbed.

rsz_istock_000022465110_fullA dog who is destructive is not a good pet or a good addition to any neighborhood. Your dog needs to be taught that shoes and furniture are not chew toys and gardens are not places to be dug up. If your dog is destructive do not take him visiting at someone else’s home or garden because of the havoc he may cause. If you have tried training to break this destructive behavior with no success you may want to consult your vet about the problem.

When you take your dog to the dog park before you let him off the leash be sure the dog will obey your verbal commands. Be sure your dog is able to get along with the other dogs. If you dog exhibits unacceptable behavior such as bullying the other dogs remove him from the park until he is able to “play nice” with the other dogs.

Some people are naturally dog lovers while others just tolerate dogs. A dog who is well behaved and friendly will get high marks from both groups of people. Dogs can be great or they can be a real nuisance. It is up to you as their human partner to make sure your dog knows what behavior is acceptable. If for some reason you are not able to properly train your dog on your own then obtain the services of a professional dog trainer to help you.

If your dog should make a mistake and destroy someone else’s property it is up to you as his owner to accept responsibility for your pet’s mistake and make it right.