Flooring For Your Garage 

Families are using their garages for many things in addition to a place to park the car.  The garage has become an important part of the home.  Often the garage is remodeled to house a laundry, a workshop, a storeroom for items you use only occasionally, a place to house sports equipment or it may even be used for a home office or home gym. 

If you are planning a remodel of your garage you may want to consider a new floor.  The garage usually has a concrete floor.  This floor is fine if you are simply parking your car, but it does not look very good.  Even if you paint or stain the concrete it still looks like a concrete floor.  You can hide the cracks or stains on your concrete floor when you cover it with flooring. 

If you are planning to use your garage as a gym or for storage you might want to consider a rubber floor.  This is an inexpensive option for general use purposes.  The rubber flooring can be in the form of a mat which will protect the floor under it from heavy objects.  If you plan to use the garage as a place for your dog the rubber flooring will provide insulation from extreme temperatures.  If you plan to use your garage as a home theatre the rubber flooring can reduce the noise transmission. 

It may not be the best plan to park your car on the rubber floor.  There are two major inconveniences if you plan to park your car on the rubber flooring.  The rubber flooring is often made from recycled rubber tire products. Recycled tire products have very little resistance to petroleum products.  Your floor could be seriously damaged by an oil leak.  It is possible that in extreme circumstances the heat from the car tires can be sufficient to melt the tires into the mat since the melting point for this type of flooring is relatively low. 

When you are ready to install your new floor, you might want to employ the services of someone who is an expert in installing garage floors.  If you prefer, you can install a new floor yourself.  There are various colors, styles, and types of garage flooring available.  Some flooring comes in a roll that you simply need to roll out.  Just be sure your garage floor has been swept and is clean before you cover it with flooring. 

The best type of garage floor, called the G-floor, is made of specially formulated polyvinyl.  This type of floorings will protect your floor from battery acid, oil, brake fluids, grease, antifreeze, road salt and any other dirt and grime that finds its way into the garage.  If you live in a colder climate you know what a mess you winter snow and salt make in your garage.  

This type of flooring is easy to clean – you simply hose it off. 

The G-floor is fairly inexpensive, it is easy to install and is durable.  Your new floor should last for many years.  It will give a great look to your garage and keep it looking new whatever activities you choose to do inside the garage.