Get Rid Of Clutter And Organize Your Home

For some reason things just seem to accumulate in the average home.  Before you know it, you are drowning in piles of paper and your cupboards and closets are stuffed to overflowing.  If you devote some time to organizing your home and getting rid of the excess clutter you will be reducing the stress in your life at home.

First you want to set up a plan to determine which area you will tackle first, then second and so on.  Don’t attempt to tackle everything at one time.

If you are getting rid of the clutter in your closets and your bureau drawers here are a few   suggestions that will help you.  First take everything out of the closet and pile it on the bed.  Now you want to set up areas for three piles of clothing.  One pile is keep, the second pile is donate, and the third pile is trash.    Then thoroughly clean the inside of the closet.  Take each item of clothing and decide whether the item is something that fits well, is becoming and is something you want to wear.  If it is, put this item of clothing in the keep pile.  If the clothing item no longer fits or you do not feel comfortable wearing it or it is not the current style, then if the item is still in excellent condition place it in the donate pile.  If you are not fond of the idea of donating the clothing, you may want to take it to a consignment shop to sell or try selling it yourself at a yard sale or online auction site. This way you can make a little money from the discarded clothing.  If you have clothing that is torn, stained, faded or simply just worn out then toss these items into the discard pile.

After you have sorted through your clothing from your closet return the items you are keeping to the closet.  When you do you want to hang like items together.  Blouses hang with other blouses, skirts with other skirts, etc.  Some people like to carry it even further by grouping not only like items, but like colors together.

The same sorting system will work when you clean your bureau drawers and your shoe and handbag collections.

You can attack your overflowing kitchen cabinets using the same method.  No one needs fifty coffee mugs.  Get rid of too many duplicate items, scratched non-stick pots and pans and anything else that is worn out or no longer used.  Check expiration dates on food to see if it should be tossed.  You can check the website Still Some products can be used beyond the date shown on the item by the manufacturer.

Are you drowning in paper clutter?  If you break it down into small chunks it will not seem so overwhelming.  Grab a pile of paper and sort the paper into those items that are important and you know you need to keep and those items that you are not sure whether you should keep or not.

Put the items you are unsure on the side for now.  Sort the papers you need to keep in piles of similar items.  That is bills with bills, receipts with receipts, insurance papers with insurance papers, etc.  Decide on a system for keeping these papers so you can access them with a minute or two.  Whatever filing system works for you is fine.

After you have handled the important paperwork it is time to tackle the not sure papers.  Again, place like items that you plan to keep together.  Other items that are unnecessary should be tossed.  Be sure you shred any paper with personal information on it before you throw it in the trash.

Once you have taken the time and made the effort to declutter your home it will not be hard to keep a clutter free home if you are careful not to accumulate more clutter.  One way to avoid too much stuff is to get rid of one item for every new item you bring into the home.  A house that is free of clutter is a home with less stress.ReplacementWindow