Get Rid Of Fat Arms 

Do you have fat arms that jiggle when you wave?  Do your arms continue waving after you have stopped?  If this is a problem for you, then it’s time to get rid of the fat arms.  Fat arms can be a problem for both men and women, but it seems to be a bigger issue with women than with men. 

Your arms are one of the hardest areas to lose weight.  You might struggle and work hard to lose weight in the arms only to realize you are not seeing any positive results.  There are numerous fat cells located in the area around the arms.  When you gain weight, your body will store fat reserves wherever it can find a place.  Your mid-section has a limited amount of space, so your body tries to find any and every available space to store the fat reserves.  The fat is stored in reserve in case your body needs it sometime in the future.  This is the reason why you might find yourself gaining weight around your face, neck and arms.  Because of your genetics, your body may decide to store more fat reserves around the arms.  There are simply some people more prone to storing fat around the arms than others. 

There aren’t really any specific exercises you can do to totally eliminate the fat around your arms.  What you need to do is lose weight overall.  In order to see the muscles in the arms it takes a low body fat mass. 

There are exercises you can do to tone the muscles in your arms.  If the fat is still there, exercises are not going to give you the look of toned muscles you desire.  The muscles will grow under the fat so unless you reduce some of the fat you will not see the muscles.  You want to engage in some cardio exercises most days of the week for 30 minutes.  These cardio exercises might include swimming, jogging, aerobics class or walking, etc.  Do your strength training too to train the major muscles.  For strength training you might use resistance tubing, weight machines or free weights.  You might want to do something like push-ups. 

The only way for your efforts at exercising to pay off is for you to get rid of the fat so you can show off your toned arms. 

Go on an aerobic workout regime and put yourself on a low fat, high energy diet.  You can reduce the fat around your arms and everywhere else in your body by eating the right food for your body and engaging in aerobic activities.  Start moving and do those aerobic exercises. Doing aerobic exercises means doing exercises with oxygen.  You want to get your lungs working hard and your heart pumping.  The more air you push through your body the more fat you will burn off.  This is the only way you are going to burn off the fat. 

When you increase the amount of your overall muscle you will increase the amount of fat you are burning off during your aerobic activities.  As you gain muscle your metabolism rises.  You will notice that you lose fat at a faster rate if you have a higher metabolism.  When your metabolism is higher it will take less work to burn the fat off. 

Find the time to squeeze in your workouts, eat a healthy diet designed to lose the fat and you will see results.  You will get rid of those fat, wiggly, jiggly arms.  Instead, you will have lovely slim, firm, toned arms.