Ginger and Its Many Amazing Health Benefits

gingerGinger has been used for many years for treating disease in countries such as India, China, the Philippines.  The benefits of ginger are often overlooked here in the United States.

Ginger is available as ginger root, ginger extract , ginger oil , ginger capsules or ginger in powdered spice form.

Fresh ginger root may be cut into matchsticks and munched on at meals.  To make it taste better it may be soaked in salt and lemon juice.  A salve containing ginger may be applied to the forehead to help alleviate headaches,

A cup of ginger tea in the morning will help your digestive system get in shape for the day ahead.  In addition to helping the digestive system, ginger assists your body to absorb essential nutrients.  Ginger may slow the growth of certain types of cancers. It can help clear stuffy sinuses, help relive gas and flatulence, assist in overcoming nausea after surgery, improve the immune system, calm stomach cramps and much more.

Ginger is said to aid as an aphrodisiac.  Ginger essential oil in the bath can help sooth aching joints and muscles.  It may help perk up your appetite.   Conversely,  having a warm drink containing ginger before or with a meal may give a feeling of fullness and assist with losing weight.

In addition to ginger tea and ginger matchsticks ginger can be used in many, many other dishes.  It can be a topping for puddings, made into ginger  ale, incorporated in juices, added to baking, included in rice dishes, made into jelly and incorporated in many other recipes.

As with any supplement you should consult your health care professional before starting to use ginger for medicinal purposes.  An overdose of ginger may cause the nervous system to become over stimulated.  It may also cause the mouth to be irritated and may cause an allergic rash.

There are some people for whom a course of ginger is not recommended.  These include people with gallstones since ginger may promote increase in bile production.  People taking blood thinners and diabetic patients using medication should not use ginger nor should people taking medication to lower blood pressure.