Glass Painting And Fabric Painting 

Many people find creating an art project is a very relaxing hobby.  Glass painting is one simple hobby that can help relieve stress and, at the same time, create a lovely piece of artwork. 

If you are a novice to glass painting there are many books available in the marketplace.  There are also instructional and informational sites available online.  Some of these online sites offer step by step instructions for glass painting. 

You can paint on glass using glass colors which are water based or solvent based.  If you decide to use glass paint you should use glass liner to draw outlines of your subject.  Glass may also be painted using acrylic or oil colors.  The acrylic and oil colors take longer to dry than the glass paint.  The paint you use is a matter of your own personal preference. 

Before you begin painting your glass you first need to prepare the glass by carefully cleaning it with white spirit or nail polish remover and then letting it dry. 

Decide what you want to paint on the glass.  You can free hand a design either directly on the glass or on a sheet of paper to be traced.  If you do not feel confident free handing a design there are many designs available for you to copy.   These designs can be found either in books or online.  if you are tracing a design place the sheet of paper under the glass positioned where you want the design to be.  Then attach the paper design with a piece of tape to hold the design steady.  Now trace the design onto your glass.  Once you have outlined the design on the glass it is time to paint.  After you have completed painting your glass artwork and it has dried then it is time to frame your art, display it and enjoy your creation. 

If painting on glass does not interest you, or if you want to create in more than one art form, then you might want to try fabric painting.  Fabric painting allows you to express your individual creativity.  Fabric painting is a good way to bring old clothing and other fabric items back to life and it is a good way fashion one of a kind pieces. 

There a many books and online sites available with instructions for fabric painting.  These can range from the basic techniques to more elaborate painting with embellishments. 

For painting on fabric, you want to select washable natural blend fabric.  A 50/50 blend of cotton/polyester works best.  Wash the fabric to avoid shrinkage after you have completed painting.  Use laundry detergent and do not use fabric softener.  

After the fabric is dry and you are ready to start painting place a barrier between the two layers of fabric to avoid the paint bleeding onto the second layer of fabric.  Smooth cardboard or wax paper works well.  Pin the fabric in place to prevent shifting. 

You can choose fabric paint from a bottle with a tip that allows you to use it like a pencil.  Be sure to touch the tip of the bottle to the fabric so the paint adheres.  You can use also  fabric paint that comes in a bottle and you need to use a paintbrush with it.   

Draw your design on paper and use a pencil or disappearing ink to transfer your design to the fabric.  Or, if you are confident you can free hand a design directly on the fabric.  Or, you can use a stencil to outline your design on the fabric. 

After you have finished painting your fabric allow it to dry for 24 hours.  Do not wash the newly painted fabric for 72 hours.