Golf Trolleys   

Golf is a very popular sport enjoyed by both the young and the old.  Many hotels, resorts and beach rentals have begun to promote golf packages as part of the activities being offered. 

At one-time golf was viewed as a sport for the affluent.  Now everyone can play.  There are lots of golf clubs all over the world where you can play anything from 8-holes to 16 holes or more. 

The way golfers carried their clubs has changed over the years.  First a golfer had a caddy who carried the clubs.  Next, golfers used a cart to carry their clubs as they rode from hole to hole.  The newest way for the golfer to carry his clubs is by using a golf trolley. 

There are two different types of golf trolleys.  One is the manual push/pull version and the second type is the electric trolley.  Prices for a trolley can range anywhere from under $100 to $2,500, depending on what type you purchase. 

The manual golf trolley (also known as the push/pull golf trolley) is lightweight.  It can be folded to fit in your car so you can carry it with you.  The trolley is strong enough to handle your golf clubs and usually has a scorecard holder and anti-tip wheels.    In the front section of the manual trolley your golf bag can fit with ease.  You can get accessories for the trolley like a drink holder or a travel bag. 

There is a two-wheel golf trolley designed to be pulled behind you.  There is a three-wheel golf trolley that can be either pushed or pulled. When purchasing a manual trolley, you want to consider the durability of the trolley.  These trolleys are lightweight, but they are also strong.  Since they are lightweight they are easy to store and they are easy to take with you.  The manual trolley will fold so it fits into your vehicle.  Before you make a manual trolley purchase make sure it folds neatly. 

The electric golf trolley adds convenience to the game.  The electric golf trolley does not have to be either pushed or pulled.  Instead it operates on a battery and can be controlled using a remote.  The electric trolley can be operated with ease and does not require expertise to operate it. 

The electric golf trolley is heavier than the manual golf trolley.  The electric trolley may fold so that it can be carried in your vehicle or it may be designed to comes apart in several sections so it is easier to manage. 

When shopping for an electric golf trolley you need to consider the battery power.  If the battery is not strong enough it may run out before you finish the 18th hole and you will have to either push or pull the heavy trolley back to the exit or the 1st hole.  Be sure you check out the life span of the battery and the time required to charge it. 

Golf trolleys can be purchased online or at brick and mortar stores.  Your salesperson should be able to answer any questions you may have concerning your golf trolley purchase. 

The purchase price of an electric golf trolley is more expensive than the manual golf trolley.  If you are an avid golfer, purchasing the electric golf trolley may be a better investment for you than the manual golf trolley.