Good Communication Will Improve Sales

If you are trying to increase your sales, here are a few simple tips that will help you.  Don’t assume that you know what your customer wants or needs.  Instead, listen to the customer, ask questions, and find out exactly what it is that the customer requires.

A potential customer is interested in how your product or service will benefit him.  In the beginning, he is focused on the benefits to him and not on the features of your product or service.  A potential customer does not want to know immediately all the intricate details of your product or service.  To catch and keep the attention of a potential customer use your home page to outline some main selling features.  Save the minor details to put on a second page.  People searching the web are looking for quick, concise information and not a long dissertation.

For instance, if you are promoting a service to help people become debt free do not list the step by step plan on your first or home page.  Save the details of the plan for another page.  On your first or home page explain how much better their life will be if they are not held back by crushing debt.  Being debt free is a benefit.  The method for becoming debt free is the feature.

Encourage visitors to your web site to ask questions and be prompt in answering these inquiries.  Some people may think they are bothering you with a question.  You need to convey that you are willing to respond to any questions visitors to your site may have.

If you see different visitors to your site asking the same question over and over it might be a good idea to develop a section for answers to frequently asked questions.  This will save you the task of answering the same question many times.  Since most people are looking for immediate answers to their questions it will be beneficial to your site visitors too.

It’s a good idea to stay in touch with potential customers who visit your site.  It can take several visits to your site before a potential customer makes a purchase.  If someone keeps coming back to your site he is obviously interested in your product or service.  Take the time to be in contact with this person and inform him of any news or updates to your site.  This may help you gain a customer. Just don’t overdo it.   You may get some potential customers for the future if you use a bookmark this page and tell a friend about this page tool.  The prospect may not buy right away, but he may want to buy in the future.

Make it easy for the customer to purchase your product or service.  Don’t make him jump through hoops providing information that is not necessary.  If you make it difficult for the customer to complete a purchase he may put it off till later and it is possible later will never come.  Only ask for the information you need to complete the sale.  This way the customer does not have to spend a lot of time completing a purchase.  You can follow up later with a thank you note and to see how the customer liked your website and your product or service.

By keeping the lines of communication open with visitors to your site you will gain credibility and trust with them which can lead to more sales and more profits for you.