Gourmet Coffee

In recent years coffee has become even more popular.  Most people don’t go into a coffee shop and order a cup of plain coffee.  Instead they go into a coffee shop and order gourmet or specialty coffee.  If they are not going into a coffee shop, many people will brew specialty coffee at home since it is now easy to brew your own gourmet coffee.

Coffee has become so popular that there are coffee social areas and coffee clubs.  People meet to discuss various types of coffee beans and various types of specialty coffee they like.  There are even coffee tasting events similar to wine tasting parties.

Coffee lovers will visit various foreign countries looking for the perfect specialty coffee they can bring back home.  These coffee lovers scour the coffee specialty shops, coffee catalogues and the internet looking for their next specialty coffee.  These people get pleasure from grinding their own coffee beans in order to make that perfect cup of coffee.  Some coffee lovers will even roast their own coffee beans.  They are always finding ways to improve the aroma and flavor of the coffee and will probably continue to search for new coffee experiences in the future.

It takes experimentation and practice to brew the perfect cup of coffee.  There is a huge variety of coffee available.  Coffee will taste different depending on the country and the region where the beans were grown.  The taste will vary depending on weather changes to the region from one growing season to another.

You will need to experiment to find the exact quantity of coffee beans needed to brew your perfect cup of coffee.

It is possible to adjust the strength and bitterness of the coffee by using different amounts of water and coffee.  You can add sugar or sweeteners to your coffee and milk or cream as well.

You can lower the bitterness level of your coffee if you never use boiling water to make it.  The boiling water scalds the coffee giving it a bitter taste. Instead, always use water with a temperature just below the boiling temperature to make your coffee.

Even though they love coffee, many people are trying to lower their intake of caffeine.  Did you know that a pound of coffee has half the caffeine as a pound of tea?  However, from a pound of tea you will get 160 cups and from a pound of coffee you will only get 40 cups.  As you can see, you will get more caffeine from your cup of coffee than from a cup of tea.

One advantage of some gourmet coffee is that the beans are grown at high altitudes.  When the gourmet coffee beans are grown at a high altitude the result is less caffeine then you find in the standard grocery store coffee blends.

If you have an interest in learning more about gourmet coffee you might want to attend a coffee tasting event if you have a chance.  At one of these functions you may taste a great many different coffee blends.  For someone who really likes coffee this can be a fun event and you should leave having learned a great deal more information about coffee.