Green Tea Can Speed Up Your Metabolism

As you age every little bit of help is good when you are trying to lose weight.  For weight loss and maintenance, the most important components are diet and exercise.  However, some studies have shown that tea, especially green tea, can be helpful in losing weight and keeping it off.

The amount of energy your body uses or the number of calories your body burns each day is referred to as your metabolism.  Your resting metabolic rate is the number of calories you burn when you are not being active, but are at rest.

One of the easiest ways to raise your resting metabolic rate is by drinking green tea.  Research indicates that by supplementing with green tea you can raise your resting metabolic rate by 3% to 4% over a 24-hour period.  If you drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea daily it can help you burn between 60 and 70 extra calories per day.  Green tea can help prevent insulin spikes after eating a meal.  This helps prevent fat storage and can help decrease appetite.

For thousands of years green tea has been used for health and as a digestive aid in Asia.  The Asian cultures have a much lower incidence of serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer and they are very unlikely to be overweight.

We create free radicals in our body each day as we convert food into energy.  If we do not combat these free radicals they can damage our DNA and our cells.  Free radicals which are unchecked may contribute to health problems such as clogged arteries.

Drinking green tea is an easy way to combat these free radicals.  Antioxidants are powerful at combating free radicals and green tea contains these antioxidants.  Green tea is the most potent antioxidant tea when compared to oblong tea and black tea.  Antioxidants are linked to cancer prevention and to a lower risk for heart disease and stroke.  Antioxidants may also help to lower your cholesterol.  Green tea can help fight arthritis and many other diseases.  Drinking green tea is an easy and effective way to help slow down the aging process and to help prevent disease.  The thinning skin and wrinkles we see as we age are the result of free radicals in the body.

Green tea is available in tablet form, but drinking green tea will provide more compounds which increase the antioxidant value of the green tea.  Since tea is water soluble and the body excretes the tea, there is no danger of consuming too much of the tea.

Drinking green tea is not only a way to protect your health, it is a way to help you stay slim.  Adding several cups of green tea daily to your lifestyle is a very effective way to reduce your weight and then to maintain a healthy weight for life.