Green Tea May Help Prevent Or Fight Cancer 

In countries where large amounts of green tea are consumed the cancer rates are much lower according to statistics.  Recent clinical studies have proven that green tea drinkers are less susceptible to some forms of cancer than non-drinkers.  Green tea contains polyphenol which is said to effectively keep cancer cells from developing. 

There are many benefits derived from drinking green tea.  The main benefit of drinking green tea is that it contains antioxidants which are known to fight off cancer cells.  It rids the body of free radicals and leaves the body free from toxins that can contribute to cancer. When free radicals enter the body, they have an effect on our cells. They make abnormal cells which can result in cancerous cells that can reproduce all over the body creating tumors.  Free radicals can enter the body in various ways.  It can be because of exposure to pollution or cigarette smoke, it may even be because of exposure to excessive sunlight. 

We need to rid our bodies of free radicals in order to keep it healthy and cancer free.  Some foods that we eat contain antioxidants, but it is not enough to fight off the number of free radicals that enter the body.  The more antioxidants we take into the body the better we can counter the free radicals. 

Since green tea has a high concentration of antioxidants, drinking just three to four cups a day can help keep your body healthy and cancer free. 

Testing animals has proven that green tea can help reduce the formation of certain tumors on the skin, in the bladder, ovary, pancreas, esophagus and prostate. 

Testing to determine if drinking green tea can suppress the growth of cancer cells in the esophagus has been inclusive so far.  It has been determined that further testing is needed to make a complete determination on the effectiveness of green tea in preventing the growth of cancer cells in the esophagus. 

In testing of the bladder green tea was able to prevent the bladder cancer in women.  In men with existing bladder cancer, drinking green tea gave them a higher survival chance. 

For the pancreas it was found that both men and women who drank green tea were less prone to pancreatic cancer.  However, more tests are needed before it can be conclusively said the green tea is a prevention for cancer of the pancreas. 

In China there have been conclusive studies among patients with ovarian cancer that proved the green tea was very effective.  Patients who consumed one cup of green tea everyday lived longer. 

In lab studies green tea has been found to help prevent prostate cancer among men. 

Cancer can strike anyone at any age.  While you are still healthy incorporate drinking some green tea into your daily routine.  Green tea is not expensive, and it just might help you to prevent some cancers. 

There are many benefits to be derived from drinking green tea.  It may help you to lose some weight too. 

You can purchase green tea at any grocery store, tea shop, big box store, etc.  For those who don’t want to drink the green tea there are green tea supplements available.