Green Tea May Speed Weight Loss 

Overweight is a big problem for many people.  We all are aware that carrying too much weight causes strain on the body and is not healthy.  Todays lifestyle is one contributing factor to the problem of overweight.  It’s easy to gain weight when we are sedentary, grab snacks from the vending machine and fast foods from a drive-in, drink sugary beverages and generally don’t take care of ourselves. 

When we are sedentary we are not burning up the excess calories we consume.  This excess is stored as fat in the body.  Storing excess fat puts us at risk for a variety of health problems.  You can lower your risk of some diseases and keep your body healthy and fit if you move your body and engage in some forms of exercise on a regular basis. 

There are lots of popular diets around.  Some people like to follow a low carbohydrate high protein diet.  This plan does promote weight loss, but it may put a strain on your liver and kidneys.  Any diet that is very restrictive can be hard to follow for a long period of time.  Some folks have been successful losing weight on a strict diet regime.  However, as soon as they stop following the diet plan their weight begins to creep back up. 

If you are looking for a healthy sensible way to lose some weight you should consider drinking green tea.   Green tea has been used by the Japanese and Chinese for centuries.  They have described is a miracle drink.  Green tea can reduce the risk for hypertension and high blood pressure.  It destroys free radicals. Helps lower cholesterol levels. Has antiviral and antibacterial properties, reduces the risks of some cancers, helps prevent toxins in the liver, and strengthens the immune system.  In addition, green tea can help you lose weight. 

When you drink green tea you will increase your metabolism rate.  This increased rate will help you to burn more calories.  You will have more energy and will feel more like being active. Properties in green tea send positive signals to the brain that help you feel more relaxed and more positive. 

Green tea is known to suppress appetite so simply drinking green tea will allow you to eat smaller portions of food.  You will feel satisfied and won’t be looking for snacks.  You will shed some unwanted pounds. 

To lose weight it is recommended that you drink at least three cups of green tea daily.  If you don’t like drinking water before your meals, you can try drinking green tea.  You can drink your tea either hot or cold.  Try replacing some snacks with a cup of tea instead.  You don’t not want to go overboard and consume eight or ten cups of green tea daily.  This is way too much and may be harmful. 

Be aware that green tea does contain caffeine.  Be sure to consult your medical professional before consuming the green tea if you are pregnant or have a medical condition. 

Green tea can be purchased as loose tea leaves or tea bags.  If you don’t like drinking tea there are green tea supplements available.  You can purchase bottled green tea. 

If you are interested in losing weight without following a strict fad diet then start eating sensible foods including fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low-fat dairy.  Include some exercise in your normal daily routine.  Add drinking some green tea to the mix and you are on your way to weight loss. 

Skip the sugary beverages and drink some green tea instead.  It can help you lose weight and can help make you a healthier individual.