Grow Your Business By Networking

If you want to grow your business you need to do some networking.  All businesses run on relationships.  If you plan to grow your business you need to develop and nurture relationships with individuals who can become potential clients.

How do you begin to attract these new clients to your business?  You start by letting everyone know what it is that you do.  Let them know about the products or services your company offers.  You never know who might want these services or who might know someone else who wants or needs your services.  So, talk with everyone.  Talk with people such as your barber or hairdresser, your financial advisor, your doctor or dentist and the other people you see and talk with each day.  Leave your business card with these people and ask them to hand out your card to others who may be interested in contacting you.

Word of mouth is the best way to market your business.  Be creative.  Keep a list of some of the top people in various professions that you know.  Then if your meet someone looking for a particular service you can refer them to one of the reliable contacts on your list.  The professionals on your list already know you and they will refer business to you also.  With this type arrangement, everyone wins.

Attend networking functions and card exchanges where you will meet people who are engaged in similar businesses.  When you meet someone new at one of these functions avoid having a conversation consisting of me, me and me.  Instead, show some interest in the other person and in what type of business he is in.  Listen to others more than you talk.  When you show interest in another person he will be more interested in being around you and talking with you.

Once you have listened to the other person and you have learned his needs or wants you will be able to present how your product or service can help be a solution for whatever it is he needs.  Be sure you never offer more than you can deliver.  You want your services or product to benefit this potential client.  You do not want to be in the position where you cannot provide whatever it is that you promise.

You don’t want to simply hand out your business card and then walk away.  Engage in a brief conversation with the person to whom you are handing a card.  Introduce yourself, engage in some small talk and listen to the other person.  You may have an opening to briefly explain your service or product to this other person.  Perhaps you can arrange for a future meeting to discuss how your services can benefit his business.  Do not spend the entire meeting engaging in conversation with one person.  At a networking or card exchange session you want to meet and greet many people.  You hopefully want to develop some business relationships that will be beneficial to both your business and the other person’s business.

For your business to grow you need to network and develop and nurture mutually beneficial relationships.