Help Prevent a Teenage Pregnancy

Parents whether you think so or not your teenager is probably having sex.  Many teens do engage in this practice.  Teenagers need to be better educated in the risks of unprotected sex.  This topic can be embarrassing for both you and your teen, but it is something that needs to be discussed.  Schools touch on the subject, but they only touch the surface on the pitfalls of unprotected sex. The teens are told about STDs and the possibilities of pregnancy. They are not faced with the realities of the problems if a pregnancy does happen.

Teenagers think that nothing bad is going to happen to them.  Your teen needs to realize that there is nothing glamourous about a teenage pregnancy.  Most teen mothers are single, poorly education and unemployed.  Even if the boy helps financially, he is probably still in school and his financial resources are not very much.  The teen mother can expect many sleepless nights, the baby will need 24/7 attention.  The teen mother will not be able to run to the mall with her friends, she may have to drop out of school and she can kiss her social life, carefree days,  and extra spending money goodbye.  You want your teen ager to know that getting pregnant and having a baby to raise when she is still a teen herself is a really tough life and not something she is likely to enjoy.  Even if she decides to terminate the pregnancy and not carry the baby this decision will be hard to make and she will need to undergo the medical procedure.

Pregnancy is not the only problem that can occur from unprotected sex.  The teenager may think that her partner is clean so she/he does not need to worry about getting an STD.  Your partner may be clean, but what about the other people with whom he/she has engaged in sex?  When you have sex with an unprotected partner, you are potentially having sex with a whole chain of people.  Your partner may have had sex with five people, each of those five people may have had sex with five people and on and on it goes.  It only takes one person in that chain to have an STD to pass it on to everyone else in that chain.

The killer STDs like AIDS and HEP are not the only STDs.  There is Chlamydia which will not kill you, but can make you seriously ill and can make you infertile.  This means that in the future if the teen  settles down and plans to have a family it will not happen because their “clean” partner passed on a disease.  Another possibility is contracting genital warts.  Imagine the embarrassment of going through the process of having the genital warts removed.  Scare your teenager so the teen realizes bad things can happen if they have unprotected sex.

If your teen ager is going to have sex, as much as you may dislike the idea, teach the teen to use a condom.  You are not going to be around your teenager 24/7 and whether or not he/she admits it to you he/she is probably engaging in sex.  You need to stress the dangers of unprotected sex.  Some teens are stupid enough that they think they cannot get pregnant by only have sex once.  Let them know they are playing with fire anytime they have unprotected sex.  They can catch an STD or become pregnant the very first time they engage in unprotected sex.

It is up to you, the parent, to be sure your teenager knows the real dangers of engaging in unprotected sex.  Make the teenager aware he/she runs the risk of altering the life forever when they are foolish about their sexual practices.