Hey Wantrepreneurs! Here Are 8 Of The Best Small Business Opportunities For 2016

idea conceptAre you considering becoming your own boss and opening a small business this year? There many business opportunities available. With a small business you usually don’t produce extreme wealth, but you can generate a decent steady income for yourself and your family and perhaps some employees. Here are just 8 types of business opportunities.

  1. Senior Oriented Service Business – Seniors are opting to age in their own homes rather than going into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Many of the aging baby boomers have accumulated sufficient funds over the years to be able to afford to pay for assistance which allows them to remain at home.

These seniors require all types of services which presents the need for various business opportunities. They need assistance with food preparation, light household tasks, general house cleaning and laundry, home repairs, landscaping, transportation, grocery shopping, and handicapped modifications to the home. Some need a caretaker since they cannot be left alone.

  1. Microbrewer – The craft beer market has grown very popular in recent years. If you have been brewing beer as a hobby, and your friends all say how good it is, you might want to consider starting your own craft beer business.
  2. Mobile dog grooming – Older people and busy working people will appreciate the convenience of a dog groomer who makes house calls. They prefer to pay for the convenience of not having to take their pet out to be groomed. If you are trained as a dog groomer you might want to consider a mobile dog grooming business.
  3. Painter or masonry worker – There is a shortage of trades people who are trained and experienced in masonry work and painting. Its often very hard to find someone experienced in brickwork or someone who can professionally paint a room. If you have experience in either of these fields you might consider starting your own business.

maxresdefault5. Food truck – Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular. The food trucks today are a far cry from the old trucks which sold only hotdogs and burgers. Many food trucks today specialize in using local fresh foods and some use only organic foods. These trucks are serving nutritional foods. Some specialize in ethnic foods, others specialize in vegetarian foods, others simply serve excellent healthy foods. Many of these food trucks are very successful.

6. Event planner and coordinator – Many people do not have the time or the inclination to coordinate an event such as a large reception or family reunion. What they do have are the funds to pay someone else to handle all the bothersome details. This is where the services of an event planner or event coordinator comes in. This is a good business if you like working with people and are good at managing details.

7. Gourmet specialty foods – High quality products which are made in small quantities and using quality ingredients are becoming very popular. These can include gourmet chocolates or gourmet cupcakes or perhaps cheeses, jams, jellies or coffee beans. If you are a foodie perhaps this business is for you. Usually you will start out small at someplace like a farmers market. If you are successful and want to grow your business you may be able to place your products in specialty grocery stores.

8. Lawn maintenance and snow removal – If you like working outdoors you might consider starting a landscaping and snow removal business. In good weather you can manicure the lawn and trim the shrubs and in bad weather you can remove the snow. There are many homeowners who are willing to pay someone to handle these chores for them. If you provide quality service you can have a good business.