Hobbies Add To Retirement Enjoyment

Perhaps you have been thinking about retirement for many years.  You’ve faithfully been saving money in order to maintain your lifestyle after you retire.  Money is, of course, the number one factor when planning for retirement.  But, have you given any thought to the time you will have after you retire?  How do you plan to fill each day?

You might spend your retirement days sitting in front of the TV day in and day out.  That does not sound like a very fulfilling way to spend all your time.  Having a few hobbies you enjoy sounds like a much better and more fulfilling plan.  It sounds like a much better way to get the most out of your retirement.

Many people say that if they win the lottery they will spend their time traveling.  Face it, most people on a retirement income do not have the funds to travel extensively.  They may be able to go on a few vacations each year and they may take several weeks to visit grandkids and other family members and friends.  This still leaves quite a few weeks that you will need to find something to do at home.

Get up off the couch or out of the recliner and go for a walk.  Enjoy the outdoors when the weather permits and walk indoors when the whether is not good.  If you enjoy swimming then include this in your routine.  There are lots of other retirees at the senior centers where you can participate in classes, exercise, play cards, go on outings, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and simply chat with others.

You should think about enjoying a hobby or two also.  It’s easy to find a fun hobby.  In fact, if it isn’t fun then it isn’t a hobby.  A hobby should be something relaxing and something you enjoy doing.

There are tons of hobbies.  As a few examples perhaps you enjoy gardening, bird watching, sewing, hiking, reading, dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, playing golf or tennis, collecting coins or stamps or dolls, building ships in bottles, restoring cars, baking, collecting antique toys or collecting trains and the list goes on and on.

It should not be hard to find a hobby you enjoy.  Be sure you choose a hobby you can afford.  If you decide on a hobby that is too expensive then you are out of luck.  The same is true if you decide on a hobby that is not physically possible with any health problems you experience.

Take gardening for example.  It can be a great hobby and it is inexpensive.  Purchasing seeds does not cost very much and will provide you with days of tasks needed to be done so your seeds will grow to mature plants.  You can plant vegetable seeds and grow some of your own food.  However, if you suffer from arthritis then it is probably not a good idea to engage in a hobby that requires physical labor like turning the soil or bending over to pull weeks.  Some other hobby might be better for you.

People spend many pre-retirement years saving money and planning financially for retirement.  This will ensure your future, but you need to think about more than the money.  You need to think about a plan for spending your free time during the retirement years.  With some interesting hobbies, retirement can be more fulfilling and more fun that you ever thought.