Home and Garden Furniture 

You’ve enclosed a large patio with glass and screens so it can be used as a room.  You’ve carpeted the floor with indoor/outdoor carpeting, installed ceiling fans and perhaps air conditioning.  You may even have installed a fireplace and set aside a portion of the area as a kitchen which is stand alone and separate from the main kitchen inside your main living space.  This enclosed area may be attached to the house or it may be a separate structure. 

When furnishing this casual area you want furniture that is comfortable, attractive and functional.  Home and garden furniture is perfect for this purpose.  It will look good in your room and will blend in with the outdoors.  In addition to the home and garden furniture you will want to include some plants for this area.  You want to opt for house plants, and perhaps this is the perfect area to include some plants of a larger variety. 

You don’t want people to feel that the room is simply a patio you have enclosed.  You want the room to have the feel of inviting, casual comfort.  You want your room to feel like a place to relax and have fun.  You want your room to enhance the enjoyment of the outdoors you are viewing. 

Home and garden furniture may be made from wicker or wood.  Furniture in either material is available in a variety of styles to include dining sets, loveseats, conversation sets, chairs, tables. For cozy, intimate seating for friends young and old, or for lovers, porch swings are available in either wicker or wood. 

Home and garden furniture may also be made from plastic and metal, but you may not be happy with this type furniture in your new indoor space.  You want your furniture to blend with the surroundings you are creating. 

Wicker home and garden furniture has a classic appearance.  The simplicity of the design gives a casual look of romantic comfort.  Since home and garden furniture made of wicker is made for use outdoors, the care and maintenance of this furniture in your enclosed area should be a simple, easy task.  Your retailer can give you advice about the care of your wicker furniture. 

Wicker furniture is constructed to be durable and is a good investment for your home.  It is available in a variety of colors and styles. 

If wicker furniture is not something you want, home and garden furniture is also available in an array of wooden pieces or sets. If you plan to move your furniture around you might want to consider teak wooden furniture.  Teakwood is known for its strength and its lightweight.  The natural finish for teakwood is a golden color.  Like wicker, wooden home and garden furniture is built to be sturdy and durable.  Just like wicker, the care and maintenance of   the wood furniture should be a simple and easy task.  For instructions on the care of the wooden home and garden furniture consult with your retailer.  Just as the wicker furniture is a great investment for your home, so is the wooden home and garden furniture. 

Furnishing your enclosed space with home and garden furniture will give you a comfortable area you and your family and friends can enjoy.