Home Based Business Ideas

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur here are a few home-based business ideas that are available. When you start looking for opportunities you may be surprised at what is available and you may gain some ideas from other businesses already in operation today.

Keep in mind that when operating your own home-based business it is important to stay in contact with your old customers and reach out to new ones.  There are all forms of advertisement that are available for home based businesses.   Be sure to utilize the internet when trying to reach out to customers.

If you have an interest in antiques or simply in items sometimes referred to as early attic you may be able to make money from these old treasures and have some fun as well.  You can find both antique and vintage items at places like garage and estate sales, or browsing through flea markets and at auctions.  You can sell everything from furniture to glassware, toys, jewelry, clothing, kitchen utensils and the list goes on and on.  You might want to set up a store on eBay or you might want to rent a space or set up a booth at fairs.  The financial investment for renting space is minimal.

Do you have a good knowledge about computers?  Perhaps you can be a computer tutor and use your knowledge to help someone learn more.  It does not matter what type computer experience you excel in.  You can use your skills to make some money.


If you are someone who likes to clean and clear things and you have the transportation needed you might want to consider a cleaning and hauling business.  In order to do this type of work you will need a truck.   There are a good number of people willing to pay someone else to clean out their attic or basement or garage and haul the junk away.  Families are especially interested in getting rid of junk in the warmer season for some reason.  This is a great way to make extra income.  Not only can you get paid for cleaning out the junk and taking it away sometimes there will be good items in with the junk that you can turn around and sell.

If you have a creative flair making custom jewelry and accessories is a fun way to make some money.  There are always people looking for unique custom pieces of jewelry.

If you are good at typing and have some medical office background you might want to consider doing medical transcription at home.  It might be worth your while to brush up with a quick course at the community college.  There is a growing demand for this type of service.  Doctors, dentists and even veterinarians need someone to transcribe their records.  There is also a need for people to do medical billing if you have experience in this field

Are you good at fixing things around the house?  If you are good at it and like to do repairs around the home you might want to consider a handyman business.  Working as a handyman can be a good source of income.  If you are not too handy working on repairs around the house you might want to consider working on the outside of the home doing lawn work and landscaping.  You can make god money doing this type of work too.

Have you thought about dog walking and dog sitting and poop patrol?  Many people work every day and are willing to pay someone to walk their dog.  Some folks prefer to leave their dog at home when they go away for a few days and will pay someone to come in and spend time with the dog and feed and walk him.  Others are willing to pay someone to scoop the poop in the yard.