Home Remedies For Ear Infections

Ear infections are a very common problem.  This is especially true with children although some adults do suffer regularly from ear infections.    The ear canal is one of the most susceptible parts of the body to bacterial or fungal infections.  An ear infection may cause some mild pain or the pain may be very severe.  There may or may not be a discharge from the ear.  With an ear infection there may be a fever present or the patient may experience dizziness or loss of balance since the ear is responsible for our sense of balance.

An ear infection can occur when someone has a cold and the Eustachian tubes become blocked. Bacteria can then form within the tubes.  Another cause of ear infections may be excess moisture in the ear.  This may be from water remaining in the ear following swimming and this can cause the ear to be more susceptible to bacteria.  The infection will occur directly behind the eardrum

Usually the Eustachian tubes in the ear will drain any fluid accumulating within it.   When the tubes become blocked and do not drain then an ear infection may occur.

When an ear infection occurs it is best to see your health care professional for treatment.  Often the medical professional will prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection.

Unfortunately, ear infections can happen during the night when your medical professional is not available.  This is to the time when you may want to try a home remedy to help relieve the pain.  Here are a few ideas for home remedies for ear problems.

  1. If you hold a hot water bottle over the sore ear it can help relieve the pain.
  2. Another suggestion that may work to relieve the ear pain is to hold a bag of salt over the aching ear.
  3. There are over the counter ear drops if you have them on hand. These may help lessen the pain.
  4. You can make your own ear drops by using a few drops of lemon juice in the sore ear to relieve pain. The lemon juice may also halt the growth of the infection.
  5. You can make drops using a combination of 50% water and 50% vinegar and this will help relieve pain and limit the growth of the infection.
  6. Tea Tree Oil can be used to fight off the ear infection. However, you need to be careful since some people find this oil irritates the skin and is therefore not suitable for their use.
  7. You can warm some garlic in olive oil and then drain the mixture and let it cool. Apply a few drops of this mixture to the ear to relieve the pain.

When left untreated, ear infections can become much worse and lead to more serious problems.  If the ear infection is minor then the home remedy may work as a temporary treatment to help relieve the pain until you are able to seek the advice and treatment of your medical care professional.