Homecare Providers


Unfortunately as we age sometimes seniors are unable to perform some of the tasks necessary for daily life in our own home.  This is when a homecare provider can be a blessing.

A homecare provider can relieve our loved ones of some of the stress and worry about how the senior is managing in his or her own home.

The senior may simply need someone to assist with housekeeping chores such as vacuuming, dusting, laundry, ironing or grocery shopping.  Homecare workers can oversee disposing of expired foods.  They can assist with bathing and dressing,  Maybe the senior needs someone to keep their calendar, make appointments, pay bills, oversee their medications or simply to provide some conversation and companionship.  Homecare providers may provide some mental stimulation by aiding with craft projects or perhaps engaging with the senior in a game or a hand of cards.  Perhaps a homecare provider can accompany a senior on an outing to lunch or shopping or to visit old friends.  They may take a senior to a doctor or hair appointment.  Whatever is required short of medical care can be provided by a homecare worker.  Homecare workers can be employed for several hours each week or they may be needed on a 24/7 basis.


It’s very important to choose the right homecare person who will fit your needs.  There are professional companies who specialize in providing  highly trained homecare workers.  You can also interview and hire someone independently.  Be sure the homecare worker knows exactly what duties are expected.  Be sure the homecare worker and the senior are compatible.  Be sure to check references for anyone you consider to work as a homecare employee and this should also include a background check.  Make sure the payment rates are understood as well as the terms for ending the services of the worker.

With the able assistance of a homecare worker life for a senior citizen living at home can be much more productive and pleasant.  The assistance of the homecare worker will provide more freedom and stimulation for the senior.  It will also bring more peace of mind to the family of the senior knowing someone is looking after their loved one when they are not available to do so.

Having a homecare provider may make all the difference between a senior staying in their own home or having to go and live with another family member or go into an assisted living facility.