How A Pet Can Improve The Mental Health Of Seniors

When you bring a pet into your family it is a good feeling.  You have the satisfaction of knowing you are giving this pet a good home and perhaps saving him from an uncertain future.

Did you stop to think about the benefits this pet will provide to you and the family?  Pets benefit us in many ways such as mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.

All of these benefits can be important for the health of the pet owner and the family.  Very high on the list is the benefit the pet provides for a human owner’s mental health.  This is especially true in the case of the senior citizen.  Many older men and women are living alone and feeling isolated.    Perhaps their children and grandchildren have their own lives in a distance location and visit or call only rarely.  Perhaps their spouse and many of their friends have died.  Owning a pet can help bring back to these seniors the feeling of being loved and needed.

Somehealth problems may develop as the result of feeling isolated.  One of the risks of not getting out and socializing with others can be a deterioration of the physical body.  The isolated person may also experience some mental deterioration in the form of panic attacks or anxiety attacks and depression.  The company of a loving pet can help alleviate these harmful negative feelings.

A pet can improve the mental health of the senior citizen in many ways.

The older person who own a pet is more likely to have feelings of peace, wellbeing and a renewed sense of vitality.  It can make a huge improvement for the older person if he feels that someone needs to be tended and to be cared for by him.  Owning a pet and needing to provide his care is a wonderful way to get a sense of purpose back into the lives of isolated seniors.

One of the worst things a senior will experience is feeling isolated.  Owning a pet can alleviate this sense of being alone and isolated.  You pet will likely need to be groomed.  Some groomers will come to the home and this will give the senior someone with whom to socialize.  If the senior is able, taking the pet to the groomers establishment and to the vet for his checkups will also give the senior the opportunity to talk with others who have a similar interest in pets.

If the older person is able, then walking a dog will give both the dog and owner needed exercise.  It is also an opportunity for the senio0r to get out and about and interact with other people,

Your dog will need exercise whether or not you are able to walk him.  If you cannot exercise your pet, you may hire a young teen to walk the dog for you.  This is a win/win situation.  The teen will pick up credits for some community service work and will earn a few dollars as well.

When the older person includes a pet in his life his entire outlook will be brighter.  A pet will bring love, joy, companionship, and devotion into the home.  Life will no longer be so lonely and isolated.rsz_istock_000022465110_full