How A Service Dog Can Help In A Medical Emergency

Dogs have been a part of family life for many years.  They provide companionship and give and receive unconditional love.  A dog can bring joy into the home.

There are some dogs who do so much more.  These are the service dogs who can assist with medical situations.

Service dogs can be of assistance during a medical crisis, but they also canbe of assistance even before a medical crisis occurs.

Medical dogs have an extra sense or an uncanny ability to sense when something is amiss with their owners.  With some service animals this close sense of perception between the dog and owner seems to come naturally.

Dogs who have this innate ability to alert their owners to a medical problem may be excellent candidates for training as a medical alert or medical service dog.  The medical alert dog is trained to alert his owner of an impending crisis by various methods such as:

Barking, pawing, giving the owner a nudge, or jumping on its owner

Once the medical alert dog has alerted them, the owner can take the action needed to avoid a crisis such as:

Checking their blood pressure, taking their medication, checking their blood sugar,

calling a neighbor, getting to a safe place, or reaching out for help in the public domain

In addition to alerting their owner to an impending medical crises these dogs are also trained to assist the patient once an emergency has occurred.  Here are some ways they can help:

Ensure the position of their owner is safe during an episode such as a seizure, seek

out help for their owner, the medical alert dog may even press a button to contact the emergency medical personnel

Medical alert and medical assist dogs can help people with many conditions.  They function well assisting people who have diabetes, heart conditions, fainting disorders, high blood pressure and seizure issues.  Medical dogs can alert their owners to impending danger and they can assist the owner in many ways before, during and after a crisis.

A medical alert or medical service dog requires the same care as any dog.  The medical service or medical alert dog will still need walking, grooming, feeding and visits to the veterinarian.  The person with a disability needs to be sure that he or she is able to care for the dog.

A medical alert or medical assist dog is a wonderful gift to its owner and the families that love them.  Having the medical alert dog or medical assist dog living with someone with disabilities can provide the patient and his family with peace of mind knowing the patient is never alone and that help is right there. The medical alert dog or medical assist dog can literally be a life saver to its owner.dogs_2257310a