How Much Water Does Your Body Need

2Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water.  Our bodies need water to keep everything working properly.  Water moves nutrients  and oxygen through our blood to our cells.  It helps keep our bodies cool through perspiration,  is necessary for our digestion and metabolism,  is needed for the kidneys to remove waste and thus prevent kidney stones, helps lubricate our joints, keeps our lungs moist in order to function properly and helps eliminate water retention.   Strange as it may seem, our bodies need water in order to not retain water.  If we don’t supply enough water the body holds on to what it already has and water retention builds up.

Eight or ten eight ounce glasses of water is usually the suggested recommended amount of water a body requires each day.  This is just a general number.  People who are active and may sweat or people living in a hot climate will need more water.  Overweight people will need an additional glass or two of water each day.  Drinking water will actually help with weight loss.  If you are sick or breast feeding or pregnant you may want to drink a little more water.

Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration.  Dehydration can be a very serious problem and can lead to fatigue, dizziness, headaches, joint and muscle pain,  decrease in digestive effectiveness, water retention and in severe cases of dehydration even death.

A dry mouth is thought to be a sign of dehydration.  It is really not the first sign.  Any of these symptoms may mean you are dehydrated:  headache, feeling irritable or depressed, retaining water, stomach ache or heartburn.

Caffeine will deplete water and so will sodas.  Do not count either of these when figuring the amount of fluid you have ingested through the day.  In fact, compensate for the caffeine and soda by drinking an additional glass of water.  Drinking a glass off water just about each hour will certainly go a long way to keeping you well hydrated.  For a while you will be running to the bathroom frequently.  Eventually your system will adjust and you will not go as often, but will go more each time..

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