How Not To Gain Weight During The Holidays


During the holiday season most of us are tempted with wonderful foods, drinks and sweets. We socialize more and may find ourselves consuming more of the goodies then we should.

No one wants to avoid the pleasures of the holidays. Nor do we want to gain 5 to 10 more pounds between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

With a little planning we can enjoy that special holiday time of year and still follow some healthier eating patterns.

When you plan to go out for an evening and enjoy dinner and drinks with friends you don’t want to starve yourself until that time. It is better if you eat a decent breakfast which includes protein since protein helps keep you feeling fuller. Then eat a little lunch before you go out for the evening. If you have been starving yourself all day you are very likely to binge when you finally do eat that evening.

If you are presented with lots of choices for appetizers decide on a few that you really love and want to eat then skip the others. In addition, nibble on as many raw vegetables as you want to eat. Chew everything slowly. Your body cannot acknowledge it is getting full when you eat too quickly. If you chat between eating you can eat less.


If you are having dinner and serving yourself limit the size of your portions. Decline seconds even if another friend or family member is trying to tempt you into indulging. If you have been eating slowly your body will let you know it has had enough.

When you have the opportunity start a meal with soup or a salad. If you don’t think either one will be served where you are going to dinner have either the soup or salad at home before you leave. Be sure to eliminate any calorie dense additions to the salad or soup.

When you fix your dinner plate load it with fiber which will help you feel full.

There is no reason to avoid all of the goodies served during the holiday season. Allow yourself to enjoy small portions of your favorite cookie, pudding, cake or pie. Just be mindful of the amount you are eating and don’t overindulge.

The same thing applies to drinks. If you want a drink or two figure them into the total calories you plan to have that day. If you plan to drink some eggnog then skip that piece of pie.

You don’t have to eat every time you socialize during the holidays. Find some activities you and your family and friends can enjoy that do not include a meal.

On days when you have no holiday festivities planned eat your normal healthy balanced diet.

Continue your regular exercise program during the holiday season. If this is not possible at least engage in some form of exercise several times a week even if it is simply taking a walk.

Getting enough sleep during the holidays is important to your health. Try to get seven hours sleep each night. Sleep aids with weight control.

With a little thought and planning you should be able to enjoy the holiday season without increasing your waist size.