How Quickly Can People Safely Lose Weight?

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Typically safe weight loss is one to two pounds per week.

In order to lose one pound of fat each week you need to lower your calorie intake for that week by 3,500 calories. (One pound of fat contains 3,500 calories.) You can do this by reducing your calorie intake each day by 500 calories.

If you want to lose weight more quickly you will need to reduce your calories even more and increase your exercises. You should not ever let your calories go below 1,200 per day for health reasons. When you are planning to follow a program for rapid weight loss for more than a week or two it should be under the supervision of a medical professional.

When you lose weight very rapidly it is usually water weight which returns when you increase your food intake again.

Occasionally trying rapid weight loss for a short time to achieve a goal for a special occasion may work if is not done for too long a period of time or too often. Yo-yo dieting is never good for your health.

During the initial stages of healthy dieting it is normal to realize a greater weight loss during the first week or two and then weight loss levels out to one or two pounds per week.

If you are following a low carb diet rather than a low calorie plan you likely will realize fairly rapid early weight loss.


Fasting for short periods of time can also lead to rapid weight loss.

Losing weight rapidly may be safe for those who are obese and have health risks from carrying too much weight. Again, a health care professional should be consulted.

Rapid weight loss is probably not safe for those who are already at a reasonable weight and just want to lose a little more. It is probably not safe for the elderly or for those experiencing various health problems to try for rapid weight loss.

To safely loss some weight reduce your food intake and increase your movements (exercise). Concentrate your diet on lean protein, dairy, healthy fats, whole grains, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Limit processed foods and drink plenty of water.

You can achieve a healthy weight. It is better to accomplish your weight loss goal over a longer timeframe than trying to get rid of the excess weight rapidly. Aim to lose one to two pounds per week.   After all, you did not gain the excess weight overnight.

Most people will quickly give up on a diet that limits too many foods and calories and requires too much exercise.