How To Ask For A Vacation At Your New Job

101987469-US_passports_3.1910x1000You are starting a new job or applying for a new position and need some time off. How should you request it?

If you are applying for a position and know you will need a few days off for something important this should be discussed at interview time. It may be that you will be granted the time off as unpaid leave. If the time off will not be permitted you need to decide whether or not you choose to accept the position. Do not wait until you have started the new job and then ask for the time off for something you had planned awhile ago. If an emergency comes up that is altogether different.

Most companies have plans where you accrue sick days and vacation days as you work. You may begin to earn one day vacation each month up to a certain limit. When you begin to accrue this time varies with company policy.

When you begin a new position there is always a learning curve. You need to master the requirements of the position and learn the culture of the office. While you are in this learning phase your employer is already paying you the salary for your position even though you are not performing at optimum level.

It takes a new employee anywhere from three to six months to be fully up to speed on their new position. If it is possible, it is wise not to take a vacation during this period of time.

When you do determine it is time to take a few days off check to be sure it is not at the busiest time for the company. Check with your supervisor to be sure the time off you want is agreeable to them. You only want to schedule two or three days at most if you have only been in your position a short time.

reddits-top-12-questions-youve-always-wanted-to-ask-a-travel-agentSince you are the low man at the company your schedule for vacation time should not conflict with more senior employees. They have earned the right to first choice for scheduling time off.

If you are working a summer job you were likely hired because more staff is required during those months. You may not be able to take any vacation time since this can leave the company short handed.

If you are working a part time summer position you are only working a few days each week. If you are scheduled to work on the days you want vacation offer to exchange your days for someone else’s days. Of course, your time off is unpaid.

Whether you are working at a new full time position or a temporary or part time seasonal position you want to make yourself a valuable member of the team. You will find management will be more agreeable to giving you some time off at your new job it you have demonstrated the fact that having you as an employee is an asset to their business.