How To Be More Frugal In 2016. Some Advice

1502877069412745254Buying is a favorite occupation for many people. They want to have the fanciest car, the biggest home, the latest electronic device and a closet full of clothing reflecting the latest trend. The theory is all of these purchases will make you feel happy.

Perhaps you will feel happy for a short time right after you purchase an item. Soon, however, you will become used to having the item and you will not longer find happiness from owning the goods. Then you go purchase something else in order to feel that momentary glow of happiness and satisfaction.

Studies have shown that people derive more pleasure when they spend their money on experiences rather than on goods. A vacation trip can bring pleasure even after it is over since you can enjoy the memories forever. Consider taking several short vacations of 2 or 3 days each. This will spread the enjoyment over several weeks or months and you’ll have the pleasure of the anticipation while waiting for vacation time to come.

You can save money and enjoy your leisure time by having a staycation. Stay at home and enjoy doing the tourist sights in your area or simply enjoy a day at the park or relax and use the grill in your own yard for a meal.

Broken piggy bankPerhaps it is time to rethink how you are spending your money purchasing items. There are ways to be more frugal and still enjoy some shopping. If you are contemplating the purchase of an expensive item such as a piece of furniture then keep track of the item and wait to make the purchase until it has been reduced to one-half price. You need to exercise patience and be willing to walk away from that particular item if it stays too expensive for your budget.

You can save money and get great items when you shop at consignment stores. Shopping at consignment stores located in upscale neighborhoods can allow you to purchase higher end furniture and designer clothing for much less then purchasing them from a department store. Some items at consignment stores in upper income locations have never even been used.

If you are looking for something like jeans you may be able to purchase them for less at an auction site such as eBay. You can check out the department store and find a style of jeans you like. Then try them on for the correct size. Check the auction sites and purchase these same jeans for much less money.

For larger items like appliances look at Craigslist. Be sure to discuss the condition of any purchase with the seller before you buy it.

If you are a senior citizen take advantage of the discounts offered to you. For younger people you may be eligible for a discount if you are a student or a member of the military.

When you purchase lots of stuff then you need either a larger home to accommodate the stuff or you need to rent a storage unit to hold the stuff.

If you can get into the mindset that the stuff you purchase does not truly make you happy you are on your way to a simpler lifestyle. When you have a bunch of stuff you have spent a lot of money accumulating it and you are spending your time and energy taking care of the stuff. Downsizing your possessions can make you feel much more free and less stressed. Cutting down on purchasing will save you lots of money. Most people feel happier when they have saved some money instead of spending every ecery cent they get and even going into debt to acquire stuff.