How to Buy a Dehumidifier

dehumWhen your home feels damp or smells musty or you notice water spots , mold, or condensation on your windows it may be time to invest in a dehumidifier for your home.  You can easily check the amount of humidity in your room by purchasing an inexpensive hygrometer at any home improvement store.  If the reading on your hygrometer registers between 90 and 100 percent the air is extremely damp;  between 80 and 90 percent is considered wet; 70 to 80 percent is very damp and 60 to 70 percent is moderately damp.  Most people find a humidity level around 50 percent most comfortable.

A dehumidifier has hot and cold coils.  The fan draws the air over the cold coils and the moisture is collected and goes into a bucket.  Then the dry air goes thru the hot coils and back into the room.

To find the proper size dehumidifier for your needs you need to consider the  square footage of the room by the amount of humidity to determine how many pints your dehumidifier will need to extract.  For instance if your have an extremely wet room measuring 1,000 square feet you will need a unit that processes 23 pints of water.  If you have a large space of 2,500 square feet, but your room is only moderately damp then you will only need a unit to process 26 pints of water.  It is always better to purchase a unit that will handle a larger amount of water than required rather than one that is too small to handle the moisture in the air.   The  store where you purchase your dehumidifier should be able to guide you in the size of unit you need and information on line can also guide you to the proper size.

Unless you purchase a dehumidifier that has a continuous drainage  port you will have to regularly empty the collection bucket. If you are planning to move the dehumidifier from place to place it is nice to have wheels on the unit.  Dehumidifiers can be purchased with automatic shut offs which will prevent the bucket from overflowing when it gets full.  Some dehumidifiers come with air filters which are washable.  Some units also have the option to adjust the humidity levels by having a built in humidistat which will turn the unit off and on automatically depending on the humidity.

Dehumidifiers for home use come in different price ranges from very small units under $100 to large units up to $1,000.