How to Buy a Do It Yourself Security System

securitysystemMore and more homeowners who want to save money on the installation of a home security system are doing it themselves.  If  you have basic skills and a few basic tools you should be able to install your wireless home security system in one day.   Some of these systems run on batteries while others  although  called wireless systems still need to plug into an outlet and still others need to be wired into the home’s electrical system.

Wireless systems have come a long way in the past few years and are now very reliable.  You can add wireless smoke detectors to the system also.  There should be at least one  smoke detector on each floor.  A basic DIY security system runs around $250 and as you add features the price can go up to $1,000 or more.

In addition to alarming your doors  you will want to alarm your windows as well.   You may prefer to use a motion sensor instead of transmitters on the windows   However, alarming your windows with a transmitter will give you more protection than just using the motion detector.  After you have decided what equipment you will install in  your home you need to determine what you need for the control panel.  There are two different types of control panels for the wireless systems – a panel which is installed near your door with a circuit board near your phone interface.  The other type is a single self contained  panel that mounts near the door.

When you are shopping for your DIY security system you want to purchase from a reputable manufacturer and you want to check the warranty.  Some manufacturers will provide installation help either over the phone or by way of the computer.  Some dealers will provide this information free while other will have a charge for the service.

You will want to research security monitoring companies to see who offers the best price to monitor your system and you want to be sure the system you choose to install will be compatible with their monitoring equipment.

DIY security systems are available at home improvement stores and some of the best quality DIY systems are sold on line.  Be sure to check reviews for the various systems and manufacturers before making your decision.