How to Buy a Dog Bed

dogbedsTo keep your dog from using your bed, sofa or chair as his own bed you will probably want to  purchase the dog a bed of his own.  Dog beds are available at pet stores where knowledgeable sales people should be able to assist you.  If purchasing a dog bed on line be sure to check the reviews from others who have already purchased the bed.  Dog beds can also be custom made for your pet.

Several things to consider when looking for your dog bed are the size of your pet, whether he has long legs or not, whether his fur is thick or not , whether he is older and may have some problems such as aching joints.

To find the proper size measure your pet when he is stretched out and then add some space to allow him to stretch or move.   If you dog prefers to curl into a ball in a small space consider this also.   You want a bed  that is not too soft and  that will spring back into shape when you press down on it.  You may want to consider a bed with more padding if your pet has little body weight or if his coat is thin or he has joint problems.  Conversely you may want to consider a bed with less padding if your pet enjoys sleeping on the floor.

A removable cover which can be washed is a good idea.  If your pet is prone to accidents a waterproof cover should help.  For a small dog or older dog you want a bed with lower sides to make access easier.  If your dog has joint problems he may enjoy a heated bed.  A bed with cedar chips inside repels insects if this is a problem for you.  .

Dog beds come in a variety of shapes such as oval, rectangular, square or round.  Some dog beds are made to resemble furniture.  You will want to choose something that is attractive and blends well in your room.

Prices for dog beds start around $25 and go up.  Decide on your budget before you go shopping for the bed your pet will enjoy having as his own place to relax and sleep.