How to Buy a Fantastic Indoor Grill

grillindoorAn indoor grill is a convenient, healthy way to cook.  Since the grease drips down from your indoor grill the food is healthier than if it was cooked in a frying pan.  If you  do not have access to an outside grill or if the weather is bad, an indoor grill will work fine.  It will not give you the flavor of the outdoor grill, but food cooked on the indoor grill is delicious.  You can cook anything on an indoor grill that can be grilled outside such as meat, fish, fruit or vegetables.  Additionally, on an indoor grill you can grill things like sandwiches that you probably would not grill outside.  Inside grills are also easy to clean.

There are mainly three types of indoor grills.  The countertop grills can be either open having contact on only one side or  contact grills which grill from both the bottom of the grill and the lid top.  The dual contact  grill will cook faster than the open grill.  The dual contact grill also works well for making grilled sandwiches.  Both types of countertop grills use electric to operate.

The third type is the stovetop grill.  This grill sits on the stove burner, either a gas or electric stove.  It has a heat shield to protect the stove  from dripping grease while the top surface heats by using the controls on the stove.  Stovetop grills are not recommended for glass cook tops and they will not work with induction cook tops.  The stovetop grill may give the look of food grilled outside because of its grilling rack.

Indoor grill cooking surfaces are made of non stick, non scratch material.  Some grills have cooking surfaces that are removable and can be put into the dishwasher.

You can purchase indoor grills in a wide range of sizes from a small appliance to serve one or two people to a larger appliance that will grill food for an entire family.  Grills come in metal or a combination of metal and plastic.  You need to consider how you will be using your grill.  The higher the wattage of the grill, the hotter it will become.  Some grills allow you to adjust the temperature.  Other grills have a light to tell you when it is ready to use but do not have temperature controls.

Indoor grills come in a range of prices.  Small basic grills are not expensive.  The price will increase with larger sizes or additional features.  Using an indoor grill is an efficient, healthy way to cook.