How to Buy a Garden Hose

gardenhoseA garden hose is a basic outdoor tool for your home.  Garden hoses are used to water gardens and lawns, wash children’s toys, wash the car and RV, clean the patio, fill the birdbath, fill the children’s wading pool and much more.

A lightweight garden hose may be constructed of vinyl while a heavier hose may be constructed of rubber.  Hoses are also made of a combination of the two materials.

If you only do light watering and live in a mild climate a vinyl hose should work fine for you.  These are the least expensive type hose.  A rubber hose will do better in a more severe climate and if you need heavier usage.

Hoses come in various diameters such as ½“, 5/8” and ¾”.  The larger the diameter of the hose the  more water it puts out.  The length of garden hoses  range from 10 feet to 100 feet and usually come in increments of 25’ (such as 25’, 50’, etc.).  You want to purchase a hose that will comfortably reach all areas you want to water, but you do not want a hose that is too long as the longer the hose the harder to handle.  You may need two shorter hoses if this will serve you better.  However, joining hoses may cause more leakage than using just one long hose.

Different tasks require different types of hose.  A soaker hose stays on the ground or just under the surface and has many holes which dispenses water to the soil to water the plants.  A sprinkler gives a shower of water to resemble rain.  If you or your children plan to drink from your hose you need a hose with a non toxic core.  To cover your needs you may need several different garden hoses.

A garden hose attaches to the faucet with a fitting.  These come in either brass or plastic.  Plastic may be easier to attach while brass may be longer lasting.

With your garden hose you will need a nozzle.  These come in many styles and you should choose one that will fit your needs.  Some give  gentle sprinkle while others give a good spray for cleaning.  Many have adjustments so you can set the type output to suit your purpose.

Garden hoses are available at most  super centers, home stores, garden centers, hardware stores and on line.  They range in price from $15 to $100 depending on the size and quality.