How to Buy a Generator

generatorWhen the power goes out a generator is a great item to own.  A generator can provide power to your appliances, well pump, heating system and more.   The number of items to be powered by the generator will determine what size generator you need to purchase,

If you plan to  run most of your home from a generator in the event of an outage you probably will want a standby generator.  These units are installed outside the home and wired directly into the home’s electrical system.  They will provide power to the circuits in your  home.  Some standby generators will come on  automatically and others need to be switched on.  They can be  either air cooled or liquid cooled.  The liquid cooled models are usually larger and more powerful.  Standby generators should be installed by a qualified professional.  How much power you need from this generator will be determined by the number of appliances you want it to run.  Either liquid propane or natural gas is the fuel used by the standby generators.  Standby generators come in varying sizes and are more expensive than the portable generators.  The can range in prices from $2,000 to over $10,000.

A portable generator uses gasoline as fuel.  They are easy to use.  Small generators can be carried into place and larger generators come with wheels to make them easier to move into place.  Before buying a portable generator you need to decide which appliances you plan to run.  Check the total wattage for all these appliances and purchase a unit that will handle that amount of power.  Be sure the generator has the needed amount of outlets for the appliances you wish to attach.  Most generator outlets have 120 volts power just as in your home.  Some generators also come with 120/240 outlets or 240 outlets.  Of course, portable generators should never be used inside the home since they give off carbon monoxide gases.  Portable generators can be purchased for a few hundred dollars and go up depending on their power and size.

When you decide to purchase your generator determine your budget and wattage needs.  Check out the various brands on line.  Check various dealers and stores.  Compare prices and compare warranties and choose the generator that is right for your home and family.