How to Buy a Great Humidifier

humidifierWhen heating systems go on in the cooler weather they sometimes take too much moisture out of the indoor air.  Indoor air that is too dry can irritate the nose and throat and cause itching dry skin.  It can also

cause damage to wood floors and furniture.  To put moisture back into the air you need a humidifier.  People are most comfortable when the humidity in the air is around 50%.  When it drops too low the air feels cold.  A humidifier will help balance the air.

A humidifier is an appliance which puts moisture back into the dry air.  It can either be a free standing or tabletop or console machine or it can be a unit for the entire house.  Humidifiers have water tanks which mist the  moisture into the air or allow for the evaporation of water.  Most units have tanks that need to be refilled.  You can purchase a humidifier with a large tank which does not have to be refilled too often.

There are several types of humidifiers.  If you have a forced air heating system you may consider installing a whole house humidifier.  These need to be installed by a professional.  They are connected to the water supply in the house and operate by sending air though a wet wick into the ducts from the furnace.  When the system is running it will send the moist air to all rooms in the house.

Another type humidifier is the small vaporizer which gives off a small warm mist into the air.  These have built in water tanks and can be used with medicines to help with allergies or colds.

There are warm mist humidifiers which use steam to put moisture into the room.  There are cool mist humidifiers which have a wick that draws water from the tank and the dry air is blown through this wick and evaporates into the room.

Some things to consider when purchasing your humidifier are the size of the unit you need for the area it is to cover as well as the size of the water tank.  Specifications for the appliance should give some guidance as to the size humidifier you need for your space.   Some humidifiers come with water tanks which are dishwasher safe.  Humidifiers can have a self  timer to set the hours you want the appliance to run.

Using a humidifier can have health benefits.  It can also save on heating bills since moist air will heat more efficiently than cool dry air.

Humidifiers can be purchased at any home store and they are available on line. They come in a wide range of prices from the very inexpensive vaporizer type appliance up to the whole house model.