How to Buy a Griddle

griddleIf your kitchen has the storage space a griddle makes a wonderful tool to use.  They  do a great job when cooking pancakes and work just as well for frying eggs or making French toast or grilled sandwiches.  Many things that are cooked in a frying pan will cook well on a griddle.

Basic griddles are just a flat cooking surface you place over either one or two burners on your stove.  They have a slight rim around them.  Turning a pancake on a griddle is a much easier task than trying to flip a pancake in a frying pan.  The griddle heats evenly and does not have the usual hot spots found with frying pans since the very low lip on the griddle allows the heat to disperse into the air.  The large flat surface will allow the food to not be crowded.

Griddles are available in a variety of materials.  Many people are partial to the old fashioned type cast iron griddles.  However, griddles are available in steel or aluminum also.  They come in shapes such as round, square or rectangular.  They also come in various sizes.  You can purchase a griddle to sit on one burner or to cook a larger quantity you can purchase a bigger griddle that will fit over two burners.

Many griddles have a non stick cooking surface.

Electric griddles are also available.  Electric kitchen appliances typically have short electric cords so be sure there is an electrical outlet available near where you plan to use the griddle.  Some electric griddle appliances come with either a reversible plate or second plate which is ribbed allowing the appliance to double as a grill.  Some electric griddles also come with adjustable temperature controls.

Prices for your basic small griddle can start under $20.  The price goes up depending on the size and quality of the griddle and whether you prefer a basic stovetop griddle or an electric one.  Griddles are available on line or at any store selling kitchen tools.  They are a very useful addition to your kitchen inventory.