How to Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp

salThe Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps have become very poplar.  The are made using chunks of Himalayan Crystal Salt from a 250 million year old natural salt deposit located deep underground.  There are numerous trace elements and minerals in the crystal salt and these give it a glorious pink color.

Some lamps are made from a solid piece of crystal salt that has been hollowed out to allow for a bulb.  This chunk of the crystal salt is then mounted on a wooden base  Another type lamp places chunks of the crystal salt in a basket and also uses a small light bulb.

When the Himalayan Crystal Salt is warmed it releases negative ions into the air and this creates an effect much like an ionizer and purifies the air around it. Much of our electronic equipment and heating and cooling products put positive ions into the air.  These positive ions  pollute the air and the negative ions bind with the positive ions to help clean the air.   Some people who own a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp say they have seen improvement from their allergies because of their use of these lamps.  Some people even use several of these lamps  to clean more air in their space and help them feel better and more healthy.

There are spas where you can have therapy from the crystal salt.  Some spas even have a cave like crystal salt room but treatment in these spas is very expensive.  On the other hand owning your own Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is not expensive.  They can be purchased from about $20 on up depending on the style and size  you want.  A wide variety of these lamps are available online.

In addition to cleaning your air the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are a beautiful addition to any room.  Their warm pink glow gives a wonderful soothing feel to the room.  You can also purchase the Himalayan Crystal Salt to be used as a candle holder instead of as a lamp.