How to Buy a Kitchen Mixer

gwwIf you are thinking of buying a mixer you need to decide if you want a hand mixer or a stand mixer.  Stand mixers are attractive additions to your kitchen, but they are heavy, take up a lot of counter space and are expensive.  If you do a lot of baking and you are using a heavy batter such as a bread dough, then you probably need the stand mixer.

If you are going to invest in the stand mixer you should buy the best mixer you can afford.  The inexpensive models which can start under $100 are not very powerful or very durable since they are made of lightweight material.  If you are mixing a heavy batter you probably will not be satisfied.  You should consider not buying a stand mixer with less that 250 watts of power if it is to have heavy use.

The better stand mixers start around $200.  They have about 525 watts of power and can easily handle heavier batters.

Some stand mixers come with added attachments for making pasta, juicing citrus, making ice cream and grinding sausage.  Some come with a countdown timer which allows you to set the minutes and then the mixer will turn off at the specified time.

kiiiIf you use a mixer mainly for mixing cakes or pancake batter or creaming butter and sugar then a hand mixer may be right for you.  Hand mixers easily fit in a kitchen drawer and work very well for thin batters.  The basic lightweight models can start under $25 and the price goes up depending on the quality and features.  Hand mixer typically have between 200 and 250 watts of power,  You probably don’t want to invest in dough hooks for a hand mixer since they are not too satisfactory when mixing bread dough.

Both hand mixers and stand mixers have a variety of speeds from slow mixing to rapid beating.

You need to consider how often you truly plan to use a mixer and for what kind of mixing.  You also need to consider what you can afford to spend for this appliance.  Some people opt for both a hand mixer for little jobs and a stand mixer for big jobs.    In fact, there are mixers available which can be used as a hand mixer and then they attach to a base for use as a stand mixer.