How to Buy a Label Maker

labelerWhen you are buying a label maker for your office you need to consider how the label maker will be used.  Will you be making just paper labels or will  you also be making magnetic labels to use on a white board or to  go on a cabinet or refrigerator or some other type medal furniture.  Some label makers can even be used to make name badges.  Most moderate label makers have a print resolution of 180 dpi but the text is still easy to read.  Years ago the only type label maker available was the one where you turned the wheel by hand to make the label.  These are still inexpensive and available but are not efficient for use in the office.   Today there are electronic label makers and these come in a wide range of prices depending on your need.  They are available with a computer style keyboard which works fine for someone who knows how to type or text.  There is also an alphabetical keyboard which may work better for someone who does not type.  The two most popular  brands of label makers are Brothers and Dymo.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages so it is up to you to decide what will meet your needs. The label makers come in a wide variety of price ranges.

Some things you may want to consider in addition to the keyboard style are how many fonts you want and do you want a variety of style options. Do you want the label maker to have a memory to make it easier if you do repetitive labels at various intervals..  Should it have an automatic label cutter if you do a large amount of labels.  Batteries can be expensive so do you need an electrical adapter for a rechargeable battery.   Does the label maker have a screen that will preview how the label will look,  You need to consider how wide your labels will be when you are deciding on your label maker so it can handle the width you need.  You can get software for some label makers which will allow you to customize your labels with graphics, logos, barcodes, etc.  Label makers do a professional looking job and help your office stay organized.  They work fast so save you time and you won’t waste a whole sheet of label paper so they can save you money too.  You can label just about anything with your label maker.