How to Buy a Lawn Mower

090814-01MAREveryone who lives in a home with a lawn knows they need to cut the grass.  Some folks have the grass cut for them, but most families cut their own grass.

You need to consider several things when you are in the market to purchase a lawn mower.  The size of  your lot and whether it is flat or has a steep slope.  Then you need to decide if you prefer to use a push mower, electric mower, gas mower, battery powered mower, riding mower or the latest gadget- a robot lawn mower.

The old fashioned push mower (manual reel mower) works well for a small lawn.  It takes more work to use one, but there is no pollution and since it is quiet it can be used anytime and not disturb your neighbors.  The manual mower does not get really close to things like trees so trimming will be necessary,

If you lawn is ½ acre  or more of if you have health problems you might prefer the gas riding lawn mower.

A gas powered mower that you walk behind  is efficient and durable.  They can be purchased so they are self propelled and they can be purchased with or without the capacity for bagging.  You need to decide if you want the mower to mulch the grass.  You also want to be able to adjust the height of the grass cut by any mower.  Gas lawn mowers are noisy and require some maintenance each year such as changing the oil, spark plugs and air filter. You can purchase a gas mower with an electric start so you don’t have to use the pull cord to start the machine.  Self propelled mowers are much less work to use since they pull themselves along the lawn while you guide it,

Another option for a mower is the corded electric mower.  These work well for small lawn.  They are more quiet than a gas mower, but you need to be careful not to run over the cord and cut it.  The mower will only be as powerful as the current available from the wiring in your home.  They don’t work too efficiently if the grass is really long.  Many electric mowers will also have a mulching feature.

Battery operated electric mowers have no cord, but since the battery is heavy the machine is not as lightweight as the corded electric models.  The battery mowers need to be plugged in to be recharged and this can take several hours to a full day.

If you really hate to cut grass and like to have the latest gadget you might consider a robot lawn mower.  These are expensive yet they are probably cheaper than hiring someone to cut your grass each week.  These robot lawn mowers go around your lawn cutting it.  You do need to spend initial time setting up the device and programming it.  The robot mower need recharging after use.

Whatever type mower you choose you want to consider the manufacturer and the warranty.  Do your research and check out reviews by other consumers.  Go to the store and check out various models so you become familiar with different types of machines and their features.