How to Buy a Leaf Blower That Works

leaferLeaf blowers are an efficient way to remove debris and leaves from your property.  They work by air being propelled thru the machine and moving the debris.  A motor inside the blower turns a fan which draws the air in and then forces it out thru a smaller opening. You can complete the cleanup job in less time with a leaf blower than by using a rake, broom  or other types of hand tool.

Leaf blowers may be hand held or they can be a backpack model.  You can get leaf  blowers that operate either on electric or gas.  The electric models may have a cord or they may be battery operated and cordless. If you choose to use a model with a power cord be sure you have the proper type extension cord to use if that is necessary. Gas leaf blowers are usually more powerful than the electric models.  They usually start with a pull cord.  The gas blowers are noisier than the electric blowers, but they work well for prolonged use.  The electric blowers work well for smaller properties.

Before purchasing a leaf blower you need to determine how it will be used.  Different leaf blowers can have different power levels.  The power of the leaf blower is measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute which indicates the volume of air coming from the blower.  For clearing a deck or patio and a few leaves a small blower sometimes called a sweeper with a low CFM rating may be all you need.  If you have a little more area to clear you might go to the next level which will be between 200 and 400 CFM. If you have a large area and a good amount of leaves and debris you may want to go to a still more powerful CFM rating.  The more heavy duty leaf blowers are usually gas blowers and because they are heavier they may be awkward to handle.  Commercial leaf blowers have a power range above 500 and are not really necessary for most home projects.

Some leaf blowers have additional functions besides just clearing leaves and debris.  You can get a feature that will vacuum the debris and empty into a bag.  Some blowers have a combination vacuum and mulching feature.   These added features can make it easier to dispose of the accumulated debris since the ground up debris means you will have less filled bags.  Or you might want to use the mulch around you shrubs.

Leaf blowers are available on line and at most home stores, big box stores and super centers.  Prices range from $60 up depending on the type, power and features.